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RIACS scientists and visitors have been collaborating with NASA researchers in a number of technical areas and research projects are regularly reviewed by an eminent Science Council.

  • Research and Development:

  • RIACS is engaged in a number of research projects collaboratively with NASA scientists at Ames Research Center, Johnson Space Center, Kennedy Space Center, Dryden Flight Research Center, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Goddard Space Flight Center, Glen Research Center, and beyond. In addition, RIACS was awarded 3 NASA Human & Robotic Technology research proposals and collaborated and consulted on various industry proposals.

  • Recruitment:

    Through NASA’s transformation, RIACS has remained stable losing staff to lack of project funding and gaining staff as a result of the H&RT awards and new scope of work. RIACS employed 28 RIACS scientific staff and a total of nine scientists on loan to NASA under the IPA program.

  • RIACS Sponsorships:

    RIACS supported 4 symposiums consisting of workshops/conferences and demonstrations. This year RIACS continued its support of the Mobile Agents Field Test in Hanksville, Utah and the ICAPS Conference in Monterey, California. We ended the year with the success of the Collaborative Decisions Systems Demonstration in September. The demonstration was a huge success with the demonstration of several years of work in progress by the Information Technology Division at Ames Research Center.

  • Technical Reports:

  • RIACS maintains a library of technical reports generated by staff scientists, and provides hard copies to interested parties upon request. Twenty-nine technical reports were produced this year and many others are still in production.

  • Intellectual Property:

    RIACS reported 7 invention disclosures under the cooperative agreement.


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