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RIACS has a wide variety of technical, managerial and operational advantages to offer companies and organizations interested in partnering with RIACS to compete for government research and development projects or to commercialize RIACS technologies.

RIACS technologies have the advantage of being field tested in one of the most technologically demanding organizations in the world - NASA. RIACS technologies have competed and won against a diverse group of world-class technologies developed by other organizations, and have been designed to meet NASA’s extreme requirements. RIACS technologies have undergone significant amounts of verification and validation before being used in production environments. In recent years, RIACS researchers have won technology infusion awards for research contributions in the areas of automated planning and scheduling (EUROPA / MAPGEN), program management (Program Management Tool), information management (NETMARK) and work practice simulation (Brahms).

RIACS projects bring together internationally recognized leaders in their respective research disciplines, with research results vetted and validated through a wide variety of research papers in prestigious journals and international conferences. One way in which RIACS attracts such a diverse mix of international leaders in research is through the Institute’s visiting researcher program. This ongoing program facilitates the inclusion of talented foreign nationals in RIACS’ research staff, and allows RIACS to seek out the most qualified researchers from around the globe. Subsequently, the Institute routinely works through the government procedures necessary to attain the proper visas and work permits for international researchers.

To ensure organizational oversight, RIACS is guided by a scientific board of directors. The RIACS Science Council is comprised of experts in relevant disciplines from academia and industry, and provides advice on science, technology and education outreach activities.

In addition to collaborating with some of the brightest and most established scientists and engineers, partnering with RIACS offers other benefits as well. With over two decades of experience working under and managing government research contracts, the Institute has an in-depth understanding of government processes, and is adept at handling the reporting requirements and other issues that are part of government contracting. The Institute has a fully staffed business office to ensure that interactions with government agencies and partner organizations are timely, meet all obligations, and provide the best possible interactions for all involved.

In today’s economic environment, cost control is a significant part of any successful government contracting bid. As a non-profit organization, RIACS maintains a high-performance, low overhead operation ideally suited to government contract competitions. The institute uses FAR and CAS compliant accounting systems and utilizes earned value management to ensure that it meets its fiduciary responsibilities under government contracts.

Licensing and Commercialization

RIACS has been a lead inventor working in collaboration with NASA on a wide range of innovative information systems. As a result, the Institute has steadily built a portfolio of software applications and intellectual property.Through commercialization and licensing agreements, organizations and institutions can gain access to this federally funded research. Working with RIACS, partners not only gain access to the researchers who are leading the technology development, but also have the ability to build upon the technology and integrate it into existing or new product lines. This can create tremendous cost savings and dramatically increase the capabilities of an application while significantly reducing time to market.

Today, technologies developed by RIACS are being licensed to a number of small and large corporations. Most recently, Xerox Corporation signed an agreement with NASA to commercialize NETMARK, an information integration and management technology co-developed by RIACS. As a result of this collaboration, a new, network-based document management system called NX was developed that integrates NETMARK with the company’s leading edge DocuShare enterprise document management solution. NX is being deployed across NASA centers throughout the country.

The USRA Advantage

By partnering with RIACS, companies and other organizations gain access to the Universities Space Research Association (USRA), its 20 major institutes and programs, and its 97 member universities from around the globe. This provides partners with an unprecedented array of support resources from leading research organizations. Among USRA-managed research entities is the Lunar and Planetary Institute, which was founded in 1968 and is the focal point for studies about the current state, evolution and formation of the solar system.

Government Agencies

One significant advantage afforded to government agencies is that RIACS professional engineering services are available under GSA Schedule. Any government agency, enterprise, program or project seeking RIACS’ capabilities and expertise can simply following the GSA procurement guidelines. This streamlined approach can save government organizations considerable time and money, and result in highly qualified researchers up and running on projects in short periods of time.


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