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RIACS Scientist Dan Werthimer Chairs Annual Center for Astronomy Signal Processing and Electronics Research Workshop at the Harvard-Smithsonian in Cape Town South Africa

Dr. David Bell Receives NASA Patent Award for NASA Program Management Tool

RIACS Participates in a Workshop for Collaboratively Modeling the Work Process for Shuttle/ISS Mission Control - [Read More]

RIACS To Extend NASA Developed Technology - [Read More]

RIACS Technology at the Heart of NASA’s Successful Human-Centered Robotics Demonstration - [Read More]

RIACS held a workshop during the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN) in Montreal, Canada - August 8, 2005. - [Read More]

RIACS project is testing human-robot interactions in Utah desert. - [Read More]

Willem Visser and the "Automated Software Engineering (ASE) Group" have developed a method for proving properties of looping programs. - [Read More]

Brahms mission operations modeling work presented at Society for Modeling and Simulation International Conference - [Read More]

Maarten Sierhuis is giving a Graduate Course at The School for Information Management and Systems (SIMS), University of California at Berkeley, teaching students how to model and simulate organizations and work practice using the Brahms multiagent environment. - [Read More]

Frank Kuehnel and Andre Jalobeanu highlighted in story on Apple Computer's website

David Maluf receives NASA Ames 2004 Honor Award - [Read More]

Naveen Ashish receives Space Act Board Award for contribution to ADIS - [Read More]

Ari Jonsson receives Space Act Board Award for contribution to MAPGEN - [Read More]

Maarten Sierhuis presents at Mars Society Convention - [Read More]

Kanna Rajan receives Technology Infusion Award - [Read More]

David Maluf receives Administrator's Award at NASA's Turning Goals into Reality (TGIR) Conference - [Read More]

Robert Filman receives Space Act Board Award for contribution to MER CIP - [Read More]

RIACS Director, David Bell demonstrates the NX (Knowledge Network) Project, a partnership between NASA and Xerox - [Read More]

Maarten Sierhuis gives Brahms Tutorial at BRIMS '04 Conference. - [Read More]

Kanna Rajan and the MIPS (Mixed-Initiative Planning and Scheduling System) success story. - [Read More]

RIACS IPA Scientist, Jim Hieronymus and members of the RIALIST Team recently delivered CLARISSA to Johnson Space Center. - [Read More]

Charles Pecheur is leading the development of Livingstone PathFinder (LPF), an advanced simulation and verification tool - [Read More]


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