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IMPORTANT NOTE: Accounts are only for employees and affiliates (e.g., consultants, contractors, NASA Employees) of RIACS.

If you are an employee or affiliate of RIACS it would be preferable for you to have an account to this website. With an account you can

  • Create/modify your personal background page (and add a link to a home page).
  • Download forms and RIACS Documents
  • Peruse employee information on travel, leaves, publications, invention disclosure and etc.

There are two ways to set-up an account:

  • Click here to set-up the request yourself.
  • Click here to send your request through email and an administrator will take care of it for you.

    Please include in your email:

    • First and Last Name
    • email address
    • your affiliation
    • level of entry you wish (affiliate, family, employee)
    • reason for an account

  • On approval you will receive an email stating your acceptance and further instructions.


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